State Registration Rules

On this episode, we’ll discuss how state law may impact your nonprofit’s efforts to impact public policy and lobby for legislation. In past episodes, we’ve focused largely on the tax code: how it permits lobbying for nonprofits and how nonprofits can measure their lobbying limits. But today, we will examine how state-level sunshine laws may require you (or your nonprofit) to register and report as a lobbyist or to report your ballot measure advocacy activities.  

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Registering as a lobbyist

How these laws work in practice

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  • CA
  • Other states

Ballot Initiatives Sometimes Have to Register Like PACs 


 All our state law resources are found here on this page: 

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 CA Lobbying Disclosures 

Shaping the Future: A Compliance Guide for Nonprofits Influencing Public Policy in California 

California Lobbying Disclosure Thresholds When an Organization Needs to File 

California City, County, School and Special District Local Lobbying Ordinances 

 From the Fair Political Practices Commission: 

Lobbying Disclosure Manual: Information for Lobbyists, Lobbyist Employers, & Lobbying Firms 


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