Mysterious James

If you’re here, you wanted to know what or who Mysterious James aka MJ is. Here’s the deal:

– MJ is an enigma wrapped in a riddle dropped in a box of Cracker Jack
– MJ is a massive user of Twitter and other social media
– MJ does not have an account on any of these
– MJ is a ghost, but not dead.
– MJ has been newly transformed by bike touring, and now says hello to people, but only if he deems them odd enough to talk to.
– MJ is lanky and about the size of a small giraffe.
– MJ rides a Surly Long Haul Trucker, the Cadillac of touring bikes. It’s also the Scientology of touring bikes because there’s a bit of a cult amongst their owners. Kidding Scientology. Sort of.
– MJ and I have similar jobs, but not really
– MJ shall always be mysterious
– This is the best picture I’ll ever get of MJ: