Work With Me


From logos to full websites, we can work together on designs that are uniquely you. Take a look at some of my work.


I’ve been producing podcasts since 2005. Yes, you read that right… 2005. A lot has changed since then, but the core of podcasting as a way to tell your story hasn’t. 


Have something to teach or show but don’t have the time to do it for every individual person who crosses your path? Why not set up an online class? If it’s something people would be interested in paying for, I can help set that up too.

Business and Technology Consulting

As someone who’s set up nonprofits, run small businesses and handled everything from legal work to minor plumbing issues (long story) I might be the right person to help you through your challenges.  And if you’re thinking about selling your business, I can help unlock some of the mysteries to that process too.

1 hour consult – $149

Let’s take an hour and work through one big thing or a lot of little ones. Legal, operational, technology, design, communications, marketing… you name it. We’ll wrap things up with takeaways and action steps.

5 hour package – $599

Look, an hour sometimes won’t cut it for what you need. So let’s do a deeper dive. Maybe you need some help in the back end of your website? Some design work on a new logo? A better take on your contracts? Some advice on staffing or management structure? Or maybe you’re just getting started and you don’t know where to begin. Let’s spend some time together, and get an hour on the house.

WordPress Website Design – starting at $3000

A little story. When we were rebuilding the website for the yoga studio, we farmed this out to a designer who came recommended to us. He charged $5000, it took 18 months, and we threw it away for the site I designed — and we loved — in a fraction of the time. Seriously.
I work in WordPress and can build a beautiful site from scratch that can support all sorts of dreams. Take a look at a few of the designs I’ve built in collaboration with people like you. If you want a real web presence that’s uniquely you, and does what you need (and nothing more), let’s talk!
Thinking about something else you don’t see here? Let’s have a conversation.